Vertical sliding
Window - V150


Maximum Versatility

When the system is closed. it work as a complete glass enclosure, creating fully protected spaces without affecting the outside views. When opened, the panels lower to the optimal safety height, allowing them to be used as if they were a traditional glass railing. In this way, the user can control how it opens according to the specific needs of each moment.

Panoramic Views

Thanks to its minimalist design, where the large spaces of light with a minimal number of horizontal profiles stand out, the user can enjoy excellent views, whether the system is opened or closed.

Safety Profile

When the system is fully open, the hand safety profile completely covers the other profiles, making it easy to use and ensuring total user safety

Possibility of customizing the glass

The glass panels can be configured according to the needs of each project, with the possibility of manufacturing the system with laminated glass, tempered glass or chamber glass.