Recangular Aluminium Roof In Dubai
Recangular Aluminium Roof In Dubai
Recangular Aluminium Roof In Dubai

Aluminium Roof

We have the right retractable roof skylight system for every need, which can either have a fixed or movable design depending on the application. The system is highly engineered and can be fully motorized for total convenience or manually operated. Aluminium Retractable roof skylights are completely watertight and airtight and provide a high degree of insulation against the elements, ensuring optimal energy use. The high-quality design of the profiles that make up the system ensures that they are also lightweight.

High Performance Roofs

Now, you can enjoy your terrace, backyard balcony or conservatory all year round. Enjoy the warm fresh air with your roof fully opened on hot days, and relax into the evening for dinner under the stars. A key advantage of our systems is the amount of clear opening when fully retracted at least 75% of your space, will be uncovered. The system has been developed so you can be as comfortable as possible with in your space. Even when the worst weather is outside you are protected against it, and the natural light fills the space. As with each of our products, we are able to provide over customers with one of the largest range of glazing solution available in the industry.

The AirClos retractable roofs are completely water wind proof, offering good insulation against the elements. At the same time offering good insulation against the elements. At the same time profiles. AirClos retractable roofs, the ultimate roof system. Your imagination….our design.

Recangular Aluminium Roof In Dubai
Recangular Aluminium Roof In Dubai

AirClos systems have many applications and can be used to allow greater use terraces in both houses and commercial premises. Our movable systems can provide variable ventilation for the covered space. They move automatically and can use panels of different types: These can be transparent, translucent or opaque for different levels of illumination and to create different ambiences in the space. They are easy to install and do not require building works. They can be adapted to existing drains or water collectors.

AirClos sliding roof system, the estate of art in aluminum& glass roofs, composed by 3 or 4 glazing panels; the roof can be opened to two thirds of its total width as the top panel is fixed and cannot be moved. The system is supplied with fully mounted panels, guides with fastening supports, and a ready-mounted motor. The assembly profiles are supplied cut to size and ready to install. Glazing panels are available in 3+3 mm pane of glass, a 16 mm ar cavity, and a 4, 5 or 6 mm pane of tempered glass. Available low emission & sun control glass features under request.

The recommended slope is 10% or different under request. The maximum height that can be achieved using the triple track guide is 4.5 meters, and 7 meters with 4 tracks. The panels are flat on the front, thus facilitating the drainage of rainwater as well as avoiding small accumulations of water after rain. Available finishes are (RAL powder coat range), anodized or wood grain. The design of the roof, make this a homogenous and carefully designed end pieces.


  • Different glass composition
  • Independent or joined
    modules assembling
  • LED Illumination (Optional)
  • Exclusive profiles design
  • No masonry needed for fitting
  • Wind & rain sensor (Optional)