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Glaztech Aluminum & Glass LLC was established in 2016, as one of the largest suppliers of modern construction fittings, Automatic entrance doors, vertical & horizontal types of folding doors, smoke Ventilation systems, Door hardware's, Demountable Partitions and aluminum & glass products. As a dealer, we offer our customers extensive range of security technology. It is possible to combine different products from
our product Group with each other without any problems. Our range of service covers planning, realization and service, perfect mechanical as well as modern electronics. Being one of the leading constructions fitting supplier in the Middle East and Africa, Glaztech Aluminum & Glass is centrally located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Al Khaleej Aluminum & Glass Installation established in 2018 located in UAQ, United Arab Emirates, specialized in manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum, glass and metal systems and products in the UAE markets. Our comprehensive product applications are considered the best in commercial, residential, educational, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries. Each product is manufactured in-house in our facilities to ensure control over the schedule, quality and cost requirements and thus allowing us to consistently deliver top quality products to our customers satisfaction economically and on time.

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We are The Best In

Glaztech is the trusted solution provider for premium door technology and automatic entrance systems like automatic folding doors, sliding doors, retractable roofs, movable partitions, etc. We offer a wide range of innovative, cost-effective and high-quality security products such as automatic locking systems, smoke ventilation, motorized and retractable roofs supported by technical service division handling the entire middle east market.

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Manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium, glass metal systems and products in the UAE markets.Our comprehensive product applications in the commercial, residential, education, hospitality, entertainment, and retail industries.
Our comprehensive range of automatic doors and all-glass sliding walls suitable for almost any field of application. Whichever system you choose, we support you with our well known all-round service ranging from project-specific drawings, installation, and commissioning through an extensive after-sales network.
The MOVIGLASS system consists of independent glass panels that can be slid away, round any angle, allowing for complete opening, with the panels concertinaed at one or both ends. The glass panels are hardened, notably increasing their mechanical characteristics (flexion, compression, impact resistance, etc.). Furthermore, in the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small pieces, avoiding the risk of serious injuries. Both sections and the accessories have been designed exclusively for this system. Giving durability, quality, and doing the system easily operated.
Folding Sliding Aluminium doors allow you to enclose open space and/or decide interiors, making the most available space, since once stacked, they take up very little room. Thus, they offer versatility, combinability and may adapt to fit in any kind of decoration. The ultra-slim aluminum systems give you total flexibility and choice so whether you are replacing old patio doors or remodeling a space, by perhaps opening a corner of your property, we have a solution for you. We have 11 series with option to surface bottom track, flush bottom track of inner roller, or flush bottom track of stainless steel. The system allows being installed with any type of glass or panel. The leaf gaps are from 8 to 45 mm depending on the series.
Fires and the associated heat and smoke development are still the biggest threat to people and buildings. Every year, many people die in fire disasters, fires also cause enormous property damage. However, the threat to people and buildings not only comes from fire and heat but especially from smoke and the arising toxic fumes. For this reason, extracting the smoke quickly and reliably is highly important. This is where smoke and heat extraction systems as components of a preventative fire protection system play their most important role: evacuating fire gases, dangerous oxides, and thermal energy into the atmosphere in case of a fire. In this way, smoke levels are kept low in escape and rescue routes, thereby permitting non-assisted and assisted rescue to take place.
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