Automatic Entrance Doors

Our comprehensive range of automatic doors suitable for almost any field of application. Whichever system you choose, we support you with our well known all-round service ranging from project specific drawings, installation and commissioning through an extensive after-sales network.

Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech
Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The advanced design and sleek styling is ideal for any architectural project. Our brand offers you and your design partners choices so that your entrances meet your exact requirements for size, color, finish as well as function, grade of construction, safety and security.


Econo Master

The tried and tested technology of the EconoMaster drive system with 2 wheels and one counter wheel per carriage guarantees high cycle numbers and little wear. With permissible door leaf weights of up to 130 kg, large passage widths can be achieved with our slim G30 profile system or with thermally separated profile systems with an outstanding price performance ratio. Whether your door assembly consists of drive reliable and easy to install sliding panels only or also includes sidelights or fanlights, G-U Automatic offers you full service, consisting of installation, commissioning and maintenance. The drives are certified to DIN 18650 and type tested by TUV and comply with the current guidelines and standards. The EM-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in emergency and escape routes (German regulation AutSchR).

Compact Master

With their compact design and attractive ,elegant appearance, the Compact Master inline sliding door harmonizes especially well with architecturally sophisticated glass and emphasizes their munificence and
transparency. With a "real" drive height of only 100 mm, the upper door panel profile of the slim profile system is integrated into the drivenand concealed with a cover. Slim and technically perfect large carriage wheels and a rubber mat under the running track ensure outstanding running smoothness. The drives are certified to DIN 18650 and type tested by TUV, thus complying with the current standards and regulations. The redundant drive system CM-F is suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (AutSchR German directive governing automatic sliding doors in rescue routes).

Heavy Master

The Heavy Master sliding door drive is the problem solver for your special requirements.Sliding panels with large dimensions or heavy weights of up to 200 kg are driven reliably and silently. Even in very high traffic entrance areas, the Heavy Master ensures optimal running characteristics with the least wear, thanks to the stable carriage and wheels with rubber coated running surface. Robust and powerful Sliding panels made of steel or framed with thermally separated system profiles can be optimally combined with the Heavy Master. The drives are certified to DIN 18650 and type-tested by TÃœV and comply with the current guidelines and standards. The HM-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in emergency and escape routes (German regulation AutSchR)

Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech

Revolving Doors

We fabricate for you a manual or automatic revolving door designed with slim aluminium profiles, or an allglass variant if it is for a prestigious entrance, or a large-capacity revolving door for highly frequented buildings, according to your individual preferences. If your entrance needs to be visually appealing whilst protecting the interior against draft and noise, a
revolving door is the only feasible solution. We provide plenty of scope for individual design wishes.

Standard Revolving door

Standard revolving doors ensure building entrances are functional, draught-excluding and soundproof. The flexible design and multitude of options allow for individual solutions varying in function, appearance and size. The standard revolving door can be operated manually, semi-automatically by activating the Push & Go function or automatically by activating the radar sensors, as required. The drum walls may be designed with glass but also with heat insulated panels of sheet metal. Regardless of the option chosen, user safety is always the top priority.The semi-automatic and automatic revolving door are type-tested by TÜV to DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and comply with the current standards and regulations


a. Security curved sliding door

The complete security package: The security curved sliding door Banks, in particular, require access control systems to be installed in areas where security is especially important. Access to these areas must be eticulously controlled. The GSI security curved sliding door is perfect for such applications in terms of monitoring access by individuals. Only one person is granted access to the intermediate area at a time. Once the person enters the circular compartment, one of the doors leaves closes. The person will only be able to pass through the second leaf once they have been identified as an authorized individual. In order to allow easy identification of the person who has entered the security compartment, the doors feature a large amount of glass. The roof of the circular compartment is waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use as well.

b. Large Capacity Revolving Door

For large visitor flows and use in escape and rescue routes, the Large Capacity Revolving Door is the elegant and energy saving entrance solution. This door combines modern design with high functionality in an ideal way. Suitable for escape and rescue routes, the leaves are divided in two and held securely with magnetic clamps in normal operation. In the event of a fire or a power failure, or if the emergency button has been pushed, the panel fixation is released so the sliding panels can be folded away at the center pillar in the direction of escape. The fully automatic revolving door is secured with sensors and contact strips according to the current standard DIN 18650 and type tested by TUV.

c. All Glass Revolving Door

All Glass Revolving Doors are not just functional, but exceedingly presentable. The minimum profile sizes permit maximum transparency, even with automatically revolving glass doors, since the drive is located in the floor. Sophisticated and inviting customer specific adaptations and desires, such as swing-out leaves for summer opening or an automatic night lock feature, can always be included and implemented quickly. The semi automatic and automatic revolving doors are certified to DIN 18650 and type-tested by TUV and comply with the current standards and regulations.

d. Security Revolving Door

Access to safety-sensitive buildings or areas within a building can be controlled through security revolving doors. Besides functionality, the building architecture is taken into consideration according to the customer's wishes, so a tailor made solution always results. Access controlled in both directions In the initial position, the security revolving door is by means of a motor driven brake system. An access control system releases it. Unauthorized persons are conducted out of the drum in the exit direction.

Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech
Automatic Swing Door

Automatic closing is desirable with fire and smoke protection doors. However, a closed door always represents an obstruction. Nevertheless, convenience and accessibility can only be ensured if the door is easy to open. Automatic swing-door drives from the GU Group ensure secure closure yet allow convenient access via the radar motion sensor, pushbutton or access control system. Entrance doors in the facade can also make use of the benefits of the swing-door drive: when combined with multi-point locking, burglar protection and escape route safety are equally possible as well as ensuring accessibility

Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech

DTN 40

DTN 40 - drive for interior doors

Electromechanical swing door drive for 1-leaf, left or right-hinged interior doors made of timber or steel. Housing, slide rail and scissor-action arm in traffic white (RAL 9016) powder coated or silver anodised E6/EV1. Lighting integrated into drive case. Prepared for the connection of various impulse transmitters via potential-free contact.

Made in Germany, All GU Automatic products are developed and produced in Germany subject to strict quality controls.

DTN 80

Swing door drive DTN 80

High-performance on standard and fire protection doors automatic opening and closing fire and smoke protection doors as well as interior and exterior doors increase freedom of movement and safety in public buildings. Comfortable access is provided via radar motion sensors, push-buttons or an access control system. The DTN 80 swing-door drive can be used on doors with any frame material. It can be supplied in various surfaces. Automation of existing swing doors is possible at any time by retrofitting

Universal application

  • 1 and 2-leaf swing doors
  • Fire doors
  • Escape doors
  • Push-open or pull-open
  • For door leaf weights up to 600 kg
  • For door leaf widths up to 1600 mm

Tested quality

  • Type-tested by TÜV and certified to EN 16005
  • Tested by VdS and material testing office in Germany in accordance with DIN 18263-4/EN 1158
  • Design approval by German Institute of Building Engineering

Automatic Curved Sliding Door

A systematic use of the available space enhances the concept of a prestigious entrance area and highlights the refined elegance of the building's design. Curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character at the first glance. A variety of configurations enable us to offer you a suitable entrance solution for almost any building. Curved sliding doors offer wider entrance openings than flat sliding doors. The door provides enough space for people pushing prams or trolleys, carrying luggage and people in wheelchairs.

Compact Master CMR / CMR-F Curved sliding door

A curved sliding door unites the attractive appearance of a cylindrical door system with the benefits of an easily accessible sliding door. Whether in the form of a segmental arch, a semicircle, or a full circle up to a diameter of 4000 mm, the compact Master CMR / CMR-F curved sliding door integrates perfectly into the architecture of a building. Through the use of sophisticated profiles (G30 profile system), extensive transparency is combined with comprehensive functionality. For escape and rescue routes, the CMR-F version offers broad opening widths up to 2500 mm. The drives are certified to DIN 18650/EN 16005 and type-tested by TÜV and comply with the current directives and standards. The CMR-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (AutSchR).

Automatic Entrance Doors in Dubai - GlazTech